maandag 28 april 2014

The Wolf Among Us episode 3 - A Crooked Mile

Bigsby, aka the Big Bad Wolf, is back in the latest instalment of the excellent Telltale series (yes, I like it`s doom and gloom more then the apocalypse of The Walking Dead) telling the story of Fables.

After we learned in episode two that Ichibald Crane is the probable killer of Faith and Lily, Bigsby and Snow set out to hunt their old boss, whom also seems to have been in the business of stealing Fabletown riches for his use.

The majority of this episode is tied into this hunt, and I still need to pop back in for the last Book of Fables unlocks.  Every part of this series has one chapter which you need to finish one way or the other, and for this one, it is the decision wether to burn or not burn Aunti Greentea`s tree, but also the sequence in which you visit crime scenes or locations tied to the investigation.  I need to save that tree and visit Dum and Dee`s office, shouldn`t take more then half an hour or so.

But the storyline is very intriguing in this part, as the deeper you go in and start associating with the `stray` Fables, being the sidekicks and former bad guys from fairy tales, the more it seems to be that there is something far bigger going on.

And Ichibald, cowardly and vain that he is, just isn`t a killer.  It all starts falling together a little in the final part, when a hit(wo)man, the psychotic Bloody Mary (of the Urban Legend tales) confronts you together with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and your forced to go in your true big bad wolf form.  Whom is far scarier then the one you briefly switched into before in the previous episodes.
Now your the real big killer, and you even get the choice of murdering one of the twins... and I definitly enjoyed ripping Tweedle`s throat out, they must have been the most prickish characters of the series.

As we end this episode, Crane is in the hands of the bad guy, and Snow sits by your beaten and battered up wolf form, and we can go hungering (pun intended) for more...

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