zaterdag 19 april 2014

The Plan - Week 10

Well, thanks to a medical culprit called fluid in the knee, I did get some decent game time in yesterday and this morning, so I`ve been working a bit further on my `guild` goals - a guild now down to 87, mostly alts remaining and 2 or 3 active members, maybe I should really PM my guild master to get more possibilities in it.

I am after all both top of the list in Achievement Points, but also in Total Contribution Points...

But never the less, it has been a relative quiet week hence in obtained thingsies, but as you can see on the underlying screenshot, I`m over 1/3th down now on cooking Cataclysm recipies, and with my Paladin nearing 80 and getting ready to start there, more cooking materials will be provided to be send over.  The Critters and the Fishing Pools I almost solo pulled to 1/5th already, those will fall in the end.  Though I did notice that the extra fish pulled up with the Ancient Pandarian Fishing Charm does not add to the tally of caught fish from pools.  Odd...

The other biggest achievement this week (heck, about an hour ago actually), has been getting all pet families to at least one of them at level 25. 


I don`t have any set mount grinds at the moment, bar the furthering of Tol Barad and when I have spare time the Argent Tournament... which I really should start proceeding on my Priest, but I`m looking up to hard to the long grind past Championing and getting exalted on all gfactions, so I guess it`ll remain a warlock only thing.  Tol barad is about 1/3th down now for their final mount, the drake, so after that I do not need to be on the peninsula anymore and can focus on the 5 tokes a day grind for the Crusaders and the missing mounts from that place.

This week though sees Noblegarden hit, and there is a swift strider to be gained from it, so my warlock will be doing the dailies and looking for eggs to complete that one, for the rest it`ll probably just remain with the weekly attempt at having Midnight drop.

Alts and Pets

I`m not dedicating to alts right now, occasionally jumping on the paladin as the carebear and trying to slowly level up some professions over other alts, but for the pet battles I am aiming the coming week at the achievement of getting 15 level 25s and 15 level 10s completed. 


I still need to regrind 60k for the Depletium Rocket engineering mount.  Yes, that is a lot, and slowly but steadily I`m about to really begin in doing just that, I estimate it actually do-able in the not so far away future, depending on the amount of time I`ll still be spending first on the Guild goals.

Well, a shorty this week again, as I haven`t as said done that much at all, but after the exams have gone by in a fortnight for the reschooling thing, I might be able to build in an hour or two again daily for the grinds.  See you all then!

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