zaterdag 12 april 2014

The Plan - Week 9

I have my Cromwell, I`m happy now!  And she is fully tuned, camo painted and labelled with the irish flag (in rememberance of my Flames of War never came to be irish division of the 8th army) and called her `Gnome`.

But wait?  Wasn`t this a weekly post about World of Warcraft?  Weeelllll, technically I never said that in the title, but yes, it was supposed to be that.  But the truth is, even with Darkmoon, I barely played at all this week.

You see, I still had that raffle price of 7 days of premium and 1000 gold I won through an Outpost Facebook page contest, and last week I finally redeemed that one.  So taking the opportunity of the additional experience gained and higher income, I played mostly World of Tanks. 

Thanks to this, I managed to `upgrade` all my vehicles by at least a single tier, kept some of the older ones I like playing with to get their `Elite Status` experience to use in the development of other tanks, and of course been racing around in my Crusader (see that earlier Killer Crusader post of this week).  Whom also received a new paint job, the aussie flag for the 9th DivCav I did field in Flames of War with a fair ratio of success, and a nice For the King motto on her nose.

But I did play some WoW though, namely sunday and monday, half an hour each or so... it`s not that I`m tired of it or something, I just didn`t came around to it as WoT is an addictive game, and I still have some Perfect Worlds games I`m wanting to give a shot.

In the end, it is all in awaiting until Saint Seiya Online gets available to play over here ;-)

The coming week will see a low WoW gametime still, as I have a lot to do for my collections and related stuff, so bar the weekly Karazhan run it`ll be lowtime in Azeroth, not setting any goals there.  Next week though it is the two weeker back to back world events of Noblegarden and Children`s Week, and then I`ll be `at it` again in full swing to try and get my hands on the easter egg Strider mount and the week after to complete my pet sets from that event, before having to wait another year!

Never the less, I did get Mr Pinchy from my caught Crawdad, and the Dancing Bear Mount from the Darkmoon Faire, the ticket hunting there for the Strider will have to wait one or two faires longer...

This week, I`m going to continue aiming to upgrade my Alecto into an AT-2 and my M8A1 into a Hellcat though hehe BOOM BOOM...

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