woensdag 30 april 2014

The Lost Canvas Chronicles tome 5

El Cid, golden saint of the Capricorn, has been send to a small desert village to investigate a city that appeared out of nowhere.

In this, there is a tournament to determine the best warrior, and the saint enters to find out more of the mysterious origins.  

He soon learns that the organiser is Mine, a girl he knew from his childhood... and who had died of tuberculoses, while her champion is no one other then Fergal, a kind giant of a man he knew back then as well.

It turns out the tournament is held by one of the dream gods (those whom El Cid will face off against in the anime later on), and Fergal has sold his soul to them to realise his ambitions, and to bring Mine back from the dead.

A small detail added at the end is the origins of one of the bronze saints that accompanied El Cid in the series as well, this Chronicles volume was, like the others, a very enjoyable read as it tells more of the back ground where the Gold saints of TLC hail from.

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