zondag 13 april 2014

Unboxing The World of US Manga Corps

Now that I`ve gotten pulled back into the world of more regular trading cards with the 1000+ cards I still lack from Saint Seiya as well as the upcoming Pacific Rim set, I tend to look around `the Bay` for some cheap booster boxes.  

Recently, I found this nice little box from 1994, together with a Harry Potter widevision set to bring the munchkin into the hobby he is quite HP crazy), each box costing 12.10 euros.  The US Maga Corps box contains 48 packs of 10 cards each, and an insert breakdown as follows:

90 card base set
6 Chromium cards at a 1/16 pack ratio
3 Women of US Maga Corps chase cards at a 1/48 ratio
500 signed cards by Koichi Ohata over the whole production run.

Now, since I don`t expect the final one to be pulled, statistically I should end up as such with three Chromium cards, 1 Woman card and 4 to 5 base sets.

So let`s start pulling open packs and sort everything out!

After about an hour of opening packs, and still busy as we speak to note down the left over cards, this box was a HUGE disappointment.  First things first, let me complain about the 10 cards per pack. In each and every pack, one card was `double`, so you actually only got 9 + 1 cards in a pack.

On the level of inserts and chase cards, this box has been to cry for.  I have gotten 1 measly Chromium card, and that is it of the advertised cards, as well as 3 promo cards for the (back in 1994) upcoming Norman Rockwell 2 series.

Not only that, but out of the humongous pool of cards, I only managed to complete 3 full 90 card base sets...

This box is going to be needing some very creative trading to get a NVT of 12.10 out of this heap, but who knows perhaps I can get rid of one or two of the base sets for some Saint Seiya cards or so, as Manga and Anime tend to hoover within the same niche collectioners...

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