maandag 7 april 2014

Beware of the Killer Crusader!

I finally redeemed my Outpost won raffle code this weekend for 7 days of Premium and 1000 Gold Pieces in World of Tanks, and I have been playing the game a bit in a further effort to evolve the Crusader into Cromwell on the british light tanks research tree.

And this morning, I got an absolute top result in, with double experience as it also was the first win of the day.

I started on this map by the usual flanking move to ambush any opponents racing to the flag, and delivered the killer shot on a Heavy.  Then I duked it out with an oppossing Crusader, putting the tally on 2 kills, something not happening to often in the light tanks, as you are basically the ones scouting out the map and enemy positions before dying a horrible tank destroyer induced death.

However, as the field was at 3 remaining tanks for us, and 5 for the opponents including 3 arty pieces, I went on a solo slim stroll on the edge of the map.  My team mates luckily handled the remaining light and heavy with both their medium tanks, as I got a blip for the first artillery piece, quickly finishing it off.

In retalliation I got a direct hit from the second piece, but struggled on with about 100 HP remaining, the high rate of fire of my 6 pounder making short work of the other arty as he couldn`t reload fast enough.

Strolling further, I found the last one in the side, and the poor bloke, one side against a rock to cover his flank, couldn`t turn my way fast enough to fire back due to that same rock, earning me my Tenente Pascussi medal (yep, the itialian lieutenant I fielded the model from in Flames of War as my army commader) for killing 3 artillery pieces.

I also got another Master Gunner badge for at least five penetrating hits in a row (must have been almost a dozen actually with the duel and the 3 guns) and a Class 1 badge for scoring better then 95% of the Crusaders in the past 7 days.

I know this is more the exception then the norm, but I just like playing those light tanks the most, the high rate of fire light cannons on relatively fast turning turrets is something I enjoy more then the big killer boom-boom guns of the Heavy`s and Tank Destroyers.  Like everyone, I got machines of all kinds in the garage, but I usually play the faster tanks first, only going to the others and try to develop their trees further if I have time to spare...

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