woensdag 23 november 2016

A Fell Voice on the Wind

Once again, Eurobricks is running it's Xmas raffle contest, and this year the theme is SNOW.

Now, usually I don`t join in these things, but for this year I made an exception, as I could combine it with some Tolkien suited building, so I set to work to make this small vignette.

Based on the scene from The Fellowship, the heroes are struggling on the snowy sides of Caradhras, as Saruman uses his magic to increase the snowstorm.  This eventually forces the Fellowship into the Mines of Moria with all the dire consequences.
But the comical part of that sequence in the film is that while they are all struggling in the chesthigh (of head high for the hobbits and Gimli) packed snow, Legolas lightly darts on top of it, and that`s what I wanted to represent.

Hope you like it!

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