zaterdag 26 november 2016

Star Wars Rebels season 2

Even though the third season is currently running, I finally caught up with season 2.

I liked the original season, and I must say the second one didn`t really disappoint either... though the "helicopter lightsaber thingie" of the Inquisitors is just plain stupid.

The season expands it's focus.  Where the first season laid the seeds of small rebel groups in the Empire, they are getting together know in the second season and start to get organised.  With Asokha joining the cast at the end of season 1, she gathers some of her old friends around her to strengthen their effort, including Commander Rex, an old Clone Trooper friend.

While the rebel fleet builds up "Galactica" style, they are on the look out for old and forgotten bases from the Clone Wars era to settle themselves in.  This also leads to the answering of some old questions from the prequel era, like what happened to the bug like Geonosians.  Other, familiar faces are slowly reeled into the Rebel Alliance as well, like Leia.

But it all leads to a way to defeat Vader, and this puts Ezra under the influence of none other then Maul.  He is looking for a way for his revenge, his dark story beginning all the way back in the Phantom Menace and spanned the Clone Wars series... and this leads to the ultimate confrontation between Vader (Anakin) and Asokha in a really epic finale to the season.  Choices have been made, and I wonder how they will play out further in season 3...

Rating: 7 / 10

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