maandag 28 november 2016

Inspirational Lego # 98

A freezing morning today, as winter is coming very close now it seems, but let's keep those spirits up with some more amazing builds I came across on the internet.

And to put those warm smiles on your face, let's start with something cheerfull and colourful with this Friends settlement.

Build in a Castle themed style, it's a superb blend of colours and "seriousness" in a sort of way.

Next, we have something completely different with this japanese SkyFi plane.

The Mouseguard bravely sail out on the back of a duck, while crabs are closer investigating the tower in the back.

A little Harry Potter vignette, as Harry breaks through the cloud cover to capture the golden snitch in Quidditch.

The Swape is a lovely military style build patrol boat.

While Rosberg became champion in Formula 1 yesterday, his Mercedes looked nowhere near as fine as this 1930s racecar.

From Guilds of Historica comes this pretty Avalonian blacksmith shop.

Iron Blooded Orphans is back on the screen since a few weeks, and this is a great build of the Gundam Barbatos, in his "Lupus" configuration.

This dragonfly is really detailed and almost looks like the real deal.

The final build this week is this firebird, or phoenix.  The use of the shields for his side is pure genius imho.

And there we have it, a fresh selection of builds to bring some warmth inside I hope, and see you all next week again!

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