maandag 21 november 2016

Inspirational Lego # 97

So here we are again, the monday has almost slithered by, and we can relax looking at some cool builds I came across on the internet.

I`ve been trying to vary the selection once again, so hope you like it...

The first is a large castle scene, called An Unexpected Visit.  It doesn`t include hobbits, but a lone rider approaching a fantastic looking house.

This coocoo clock would look great on any wall if you ask me.

A lovely mosaic of everyone's favorite little kitty.

If you see a Blastoise roaming around in the wild, just drop that bike and go catch it!

The mighty white whale Moby Dick is brawling it out with obsessed Ahab!

Paddington Bear, one of the most iconic british figures there is.

I love Phantom of the Opera, both the play (I went to London to see it) and the movie musical.

While it is Mercedes that dominates F1 now for three years running, this RB1 was the very beginning of the Red Bull dominance years ago.

The Arbiter is a small and fast vessel for the Space Police forces to hunt down criminals.

A truly grisly build is this Strange Fruit, where ghosts seem to visit phantasms.

The final build is this awesome Waterloo scene, where a square of infantry tries to hold back a charge of lancers.

And there we have it again, see you all next week for more inspiring builds!

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