vrijdag 25 november 2016

Build Report: 40123 Thanksgiving Feast

Today it`s Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, so what better build report to place then one of the seasonal Thanksgiving sets.

I opted for last year's set, as I`m not overly fond of this years "large figure" seasonals, so set 40123 is the one we build.

Opening the box, we get the instructions, some grey plates and the bags of parts.

An elderly couple is included as minifigs for the set.

We start the build by connecting the two plates with a couple of dark grey plates to raise it from the floor.

The topside is then where the build takes place, and we start by laying down the elements for the backwall.

Clips portrude for the back to attach decorations to later on, while a drawer cabinet is installed.

This is then expanded with a cabinet to hold the liquor, and another cabinet in the classic style with a silver knob, you know, the kind of closets your grandma used to have.

The place even comes with a potted plant...

The chairs and table are then build up.

This comes with a lovely red tapestry over it, and the pumpkin and glasses are ready for the inhabitants to use.

We then add the decoration at the backside, where we had the clips for, as well as some utilities and jars.

The final part of the build is the small food trolley, including a pie and the typical turkey.

And the full set stands completed:

Like every set, a couple of additional parts are included:

While Thanksgiving isn`t a holiday overhere, this was a rather fun build to do.  I like the homely, grandparenty style of the furniture, and definitly better then this years Pilgrim figure.

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