dinsdag 29 november 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6624 Delivery Van

Every City builder, no, every AFOL should have a copy of this set.  

Why?  Because we all get nervous when we get a delivery note when our orders arrive and it`s already 3 minutes past that estimation of course!

So what better then to "toot toot" this little 1983 delivery van over our desk, until the liberating sound of the doorbell appears?

This little set, containing about 35 pieces and a minifigure of a delivery guy, isn`t the hardest of builds, and easily available on BrickLink and the likes.  The figure is really basic, without any printing on it`s torso.

The van itself starts on the old black chassis parts, and a raised mudcap piece goes at the front.

Installing the steering wheel, we start adding the red of the van itself.

The windscreen is added, and the cargo space is made up of stickered panels.

Hinge plates are used for both the roof, as the backdoor of the little van.

All we have to do is add the wheels and some details, and this little car is ready!

Well, like I said, even if City isn`t your theme, this is just a MUST HAVE for any AFOL who is honest with himself ;-)

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