dinsdag 22 november 2016

War in the Arctic

This documentary, consisting of two 50 minute episodes, details one of the least known battlefields of WW2... the Artic region.

Starting with the invasion of Norway and the plan for Neu-Trondheim, it chronicles how the Finnish made a pact with Germany in order to conquer the Russian harbor of Murmansk.

Obsessed with trying to gain it, and the harsh winter of that year, the german forces are thrown back, as well as how the Tirpitz was sunk by the RAF in the meantime.  While slowly the germans are pushed back and capitulate, the last german unit to remain in the war... didn`t even know what was happening.

It`s an intresting insight, by the hand of eye witnesses, of this battlefield and campaign, and as I paid a full 50 cents for the DVDm a bargain on top.

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