woensdag 30 november 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6612 Fire Chief's Car

Another one of those small 80s boxed sets that would appear nowadays as a polybag, 6612 Fire Chief's Car is a small little vehicle from a big subtheme.

Numbering a measly 25 pieces, this isn`t something truly spectacular, but it comes with a nice little figure in the form of said Fire Chief.

The build itself is a pretty basic affair.  The chassis is a combination of some small plates to form the base.

Red plates are used to build up the sides of the vehicle.

A tile with the fireman symbol is added as the engine cover, and the seat is put in the driver area.

All that has to be done then is adding the wheels, and we`re done:

Nothing to fancy as I said, and honestly not much of a looker either.  Not everything that is vintage is great looking after all, and Lego has since released far prettier fireman cars.

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