zaterdag 26 november 2016

The Haul Report # 57

Another week has gone by, and it has been one with a lot of nice items and hauls.

And some flipped really quick.

For example this Agents set.  I bought it before the weekend, it already arrived on saturday, and it flipped for a small profit over BrickLink on monday.

Another really cool find are these two copies of the NHow hotel.  I`m keeping one for my own collection, the second one is going in my trade pile to compensate the price for both of them.

During last weeks meeting, some Simpsons series 2 minifigures have been handed out, and I obtained these 4 for the collection.  I`m actually a firm believer in the Simpsons range for future investments, compared to many.

Talking investing, these 5 copies of the small Disney set came at over 50% off.  While most tend to grab Star Wars, I`m putting my eggs in the Disney basket for the coming year, but more on that in the test result tomorrow.

Another Good Morning Bilbo found it's way to my hoard, and I only payed a measly 4.5 euro for this one on eBay Belgium!

Finally, I got this pile of loose bricks... but it has a sad tale attached to them, so watch the video to find out...

And that's it for this week, next time I got another big heap of elements, but as they only arrived this morning I'm still in the process of splitting the lot in "keepers" and BrickLink material... as I urgently need to start exchanging for a LOT of small green plates.

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