maandag 21 november 2016

Build Report: LEGO nhow De Rotterdam

Today's build report is something very special, namely a non-licensed set, De Rotterdam.

This set was made for the hotel of the same name in The Netherlands, and part of the nhow chain.  It has been designed by H. Beuze, and the build by J. vd Molen.

Consisting of 51 pieces, this small architecture like set comes in a small white box with a picture of the build and some artwork on it. 

This is how the hotel looks in real life:

Opening the box we get the instructions leaflet and the bag of parts, mainly grey.

We start the build with a 4x8 plate to which we attach small 1x2 transparant pieces on both upper- and underside.

Grey bricks are then placed on the model to show the main walls of the building.

The set comes with a single printed transparent brick, which has the logo of the NH hotels. 

This is installed at the front of the build.

All that`s left to do is to place some more grey bricks on the top, and the build is completed.

This is actually a nice little 51 piece set, and will be a very lovely little thing to have in my `oddities` cabinet...

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