dinsdag 15 november 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6623 Police Car

In today's build report, we're going back to the year 1983.

The Police Car, a theme that keeps returning in City (then called Town) was a small 35+ parts set that came with a single police officer minifigure.

The build itself begins with a black car chassis, to which white hubcabs are added.

Printed doors are added to the sides, while both front and rear ends are build up.

The windscreens are installed, and a hinging roof is placed on top of this.

Finally, we add the wheels and the warning lights on the roof and the car is build.

The full set completed:

While nothing fancy, I think these classic cars look more "Lego" then the ones we currently have with their larger pieces for sleeker lines.  But that might just be the "old geezer" in me talking out of nostalgia of course...

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