maandag 7 november 2016

Inspirational Lego # 95

Okay, so that wasn`t the best of mornings, getting involved in a highway carcrash (as a passenger).  Body aches and all, and still got a bit of the shivvers as I must have had a great guardian angel.

But that means I got to put my mind to other things, and what better way for that then a nice selection of awesome Lego builds.

Starting this week is this awesome Viking layout, wuth a war party, a fjord for the ships to moor, and a very awesome waterfall.

This colossal Dwarven war machine gives me memories of ny Chaos Dwarf earthshakers to be honest.

Next, we have an excellent rendition of a Wildcat fighter plane from the second world war.

A lovely Ferrari 308 is the next build.

I actually been to the Globe theater in London, and been a fan of the building for ages.  This recreation is just fantastic if you ask me.

Game of Thrones is slowly becoming a popular Castle subtheme for moc's, and here we have a depiction of the burial of Khal Drogo.

As you might know, Ice Planet was my favorite space theme when I was a kid, and I just adore this magnificent beast.

A great regiment of historical Landsknechts, I am such a fan of those sorts of historic builds like Bricks from the Past or HistoryLUG creations.

A fantastic micro scale safari landscape, making great use of not so common parts.

The final build this week is a scarab spaceship, with it`s heavily contrasted colours of brown and transparant light blue.

And that is it again for this week, hope you enjoy the selection.  I`ll go hopping on some busses now, way safer.

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