zondag 27 november 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6522 Highway Patrol

With this mid 80s set, we're going to build our own Lego CHIPS team it seams, as we get two bike driving officers as the centrepoint of the set.

A small set at 22 parts, you can imagine as such that there isn`t to many things to build (just a phone booth), but it was a cool little set when I was a kid, and a readily available "source" for motorbikes.

The set comes as such with two police officers, still sporting the old style helmets.  Back then, torso printing was rather basic as their badges where just plain white.

And their faithful iron steeds...

These are dressed up and ready to be mounted, including lovely "police" tiles.

The phone booth sports another one of those police elements, as we build up the base of the booth first.

A telephone printed slope is added to the top for the people to call.

The glass sides are then build up, and as we put a roof on the booth, the little set stands completed:

Nifty little set, and as I said, for a 10 year old in the pre-internet and pre-BrickLink days, the ideal set to get his hands on motorcycles ;-)

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