zondag 20 november 2016

The Haul Report # 56: the Brick Mania exchanges

This weeks Haul report is in a large part from trades done over at Brick Mania last weekend.

The convention being a great meeting place with fellow AFOL's, this was perfect to finalise some exchanges that have been going on over the likes of Facebook and such.

The biggest haul of these was this big lot, consisting three Tolkien sets (used editions of Bag End and the Deeping Wall, as well as another Goodmorning Bilbo polybag), a Gimli figure and... a dinosaur whom I already completed with horns from my own collection.

A second trade I did there was with my "regular Snow Trooper" guy, trading for these DC figures.

These two bags of pirate parts came from a trade I still had open from the clubday, as I promised his daughter a Unicorn Girl.

Also hailing from there is this Mr Incredible figure, another small, non-urgent trade that was rounded out.

Talking the Clubday, the event brick was also delivered at BMA, there was a small issue causing it to be handed out a bit later. 

Now, in my Loot part of the report you could see already some things I`d purchased over at Mijn Blokje, but now I can also show the rest of my order.
First and foremost are these two ACW orders I had engraved and printed.  Torsos for the 34th Georgia regiment as Lego doesn`t do the south, while I had of course the 'title bricks" engraved for the build itself.  Yes, it's going to be the Sunken Road at Marye's Heights as main project in 2017.

Ow, and some "ready for when I get to them" tiles for some pixel art mosaics ;-)

The last thing "delivered" there was this bag of Star Wars figures, picked up through a Facebook group and as the seller came to BMA anyways, saved me the shipping.  Mostly droids, and a Mace Windu to exchange with the kid later this week.

That wasn`t all though that came into my possession.  I did some stocking up on baseplates and bricks with knobs for my Middle Earth project.

And finally, I got these small selection of the recent 5 Blocks Magazines as well, a small thank you from the guys at the magazine itself.  Thank you for what?  Well, I can`t say just yet, but wait and see and in a couple of issues it`ll all be revealed.

That`s the rather big haul for this week, see you guys again next sunday with the next instalment in this series!

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