zondag 20 november 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6812 Grid Trekkor

Today we revisit the era of the second iteration of Blacktron, where the all black spacemen turned into a white black uniform instead.

And I actually liked those uniforms more when I was a kid.

This set, that came in a small box, counted 17 pieces and a minifigure.  So in 1991 it was a box, now it would be a polybag.

The minifigure comes equipped with a special backpack / jetpack.

The basis of the vehicle are a black 2x4 plate and a black slope, around which the little car is build.

As balloon tyres are added to the vehicle, we add a heap of trans-green detailing and a control plate to the slope to set the vehicle out.

Unfortunatly, that is also all there is to the build, so here it stands completed:

A real simple little car, it does have it`s benefits with the trans parts and the excellent minifigure in my opinion.

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