zondag 20 november 2016

Looking forward at 2017... Blogplanning

While there is a big storm raging outside here in little old Belgium, I was thinking "how could I do something useful on a lazy sunday afternoon"?

I had already "prepared" the PS3 for the new wave of Dimensions, something with the Fantastic Beasts and all taking a couple of hours of time.

So I sat down and decided to prepare my "Blog calendar" for 2017 already.  This is the marking down of the "semi fixed" columns I have both here and on the BeLUG blog, so that I have a bit of an overview when I add new things to it, and prevent ending up with 7 items on one day and nothing else for the rest of the week.

So for next year, both Inspirational Lego will remain on it`s monday slot when possible, and The Haul Report will stay on sunday.  The Investing Test summary will be every final sunday of the month.
Other "regular" items will be on the BeLUG blog, like the monthly build instruction, which will be going around the middle of the month on thursdays, while the relatively new News from the Board, which allows all our members to stay "in the loop" of what we are up to, will be slotted permanently on the final friday of the month.

One change I will be doing is that now the Build / Classic Build reports will be permanently on wednesday, so that`ll be 1 build per week slotted in.  Considering I`m currently backlogging that far that I got material until july 2018 already, it helps in preventing double posting or mixing up items.

A new column will also appear starting januari 2017, called "Middle Earth".  This will be a monthly item, every first friday of the month, on the progress of the immense 36 square metres Middle Earth lay out I want to finish in like, 10 years.  In that column I`ll be musing a bit, show the progress of the moc`s I`m building at that moment, the odd video and the likes... you get the idea.

The rest of the blog will be ofcourse remain the usual hotch-potch of items and topics.  When I finished watching or reading something, or finish a MOC or the likes, that will be seperately posted as usual of course, including the movie specials and such (there will be a new B-movie serial for sure, I enjoyed that a lot!) to churn through backlogs and still to watch things.

Well, that's all the musings for now!

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