zaterdag 19 november 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6621 Fire Truck

Like police, the fire brigade is a staple of the City (then called Town still) line.

This little fire truck hails from 1984, and was a 30+ pieces set with a single fireman minifigure.

The base of the vehicle is a 2x8 black plate.

On this, a red chassis is installed, and a plate to close the backside off.

The doors are installed in the front, and a turntable is added at the back for the ladder of the truck.

While the windscreen is placed, the basis for the ladder is installed at the back.

The final details are added, while the big ladder is placed on top

And the full set stands completed:

While the smaller police cars have a feel of nostalgia to them, this little truck isn`t so spectacular in fact.  The newer editions are definitly better looking for my part.

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