zondag 6 november 2016

Star Trek Intrepid

Scots in Spaceeeeee!

Star Trek Intrepid is a scottish made Star Trek fan series, consisting off one large 47 minute episode, two shorter half hour ones and a handfull of shorts.  


The Intrepid, together with the civilian registred Ariadne, are in charge of protecting a new colony founded on the planet Chiron.  While there are struggles between the colonists on the one hand, and Starfleet on the other, they have to band together when the Surai seem bend on conquering the planet.

Add a secret agent to the mix who needs to decide where his loyalties are, and the appearance of captain Picard, the crew have their hands full.


I liked this series a lot, as compared to some other ones out there, this captain is heavily flawed.  He had to blow up his predecessor for the safety of the colony, and is wrecked by guilt when facing Picard.  

The special effects are well done, and the story line is showing the internal struggles within a crew nicely, without one character being overbearing versus the others.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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