vrijdag 14 april 2017

Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody - Michael Gerber

Not even a minor film!

I brought this book along on holidays out of curiosity... and ripped through the 300ish pages in a day.

Barry is a good for nothing kid at Hogwash college, where he resides mainly as a PR stunt.  His groupies (with some female ones as his nightly entertainment) are totally digging him for surviving an attack by Lord Valumart.

His friends Lon (who has half a labrador brain due to a sporting accident) and Ermine (a nymphomaniac) join him when he must stop the production of a movie about his life, which would close down the school as an indirect result.  But along the way they must rescue the writer who chronicled his life and a plan by Valumart to get the movie made at all costs... and wants to convert Barry to his side!

It was a great laugh (though not suited for children like the original books are) and the changes in characters, still making them recognisable, are greatly done.

A real good parody for sure!

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