dinsdag 18 april 2017

First of Many: Stormcast Eternal

Okay, that title might be misleading, as I won`t be starting a Stormcast army.  But the model came with a magazine I bought last week, and as such was a great "test bench" to get the brush skills back in motion.

Now, I`ll probably over time end up with a small unit of them for a Grand Alliance Order force or so, but they aren`t high on the list at all.  I`m not even a fan of the model truth to be told.

These medival looking Space Marines aren`t just my "thing" but I wanted to experiment and see what I still knew about painting.  After all, it's been over 5 years since I did a fantasy figure...

Now, for the future and mostly my gaming armies, I`m no longer going for the 3 - 4 tone style for figures who will spend most of their time dying and spending time being handled with greasy fingers.  I`m going to aim with a base colour and a highlight, which will make them look okay for playing with.

So here we go then, after assembling the figure I went for the traditional black undercoat on the model.

Next, the metallics where done, the iron coloured elements getting an Ink Wash Armour, while I used brass for the main armour... which is about the whole figure.

The base colours for the other parts where then painted on. 

Next, I did a highlight on all the parts of the figure, making the gold "shiny" and adding depth to areas like the blues.  Now, I needed to do the base, and while I originally would go for the usual goblin green + flock, I decided to go for the lava look I have been using on my Chaos Dwarfs.  The main reason is that in the new Warhammer world, you play around various planes of excistence instead of the usual green hills... though tabletop wise you would probably end up on those anyways.

The benefit though is that it makes the models stand out, AND it saves me the need to vacuum the living room after every flocking session as the stuff tends to fly everywhere.

All that was needed to be done then was to apply a coat of gloss varnish, and the first figure of many in the future was painted!

I`m rather okay with how he turned out.  Like I said, that army isn`t my thing, but I`m glad I haven`t glued my fingers together (I did varnish my beard... don`t ask), and still see well enough to pick out details.

I guess I`m officially back in painting action ;-)

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