woensdag 12 april 2017

Build Report: 7414 Elephant Caravan

Today`s build report is an awesome set from 2003, hailing from the Orient Expedition range.

The Elephant caravan is well, centred around the elephant, a great LEGO animal that hasn`t been featured to much in their ranges.

While it only contains 70 odd pieces, the beast is what makes the set, bit like most of their dinosaur ranges and the likes.  So opening the box we get 4 bags of parts, a map, the instructions and the trading cards that came in the series.

The instructions have a small comic at the beginning as well.

The set comes with three minifigures, all "named" through the cards.

We start with the elephant, and put together the main body of the beast.

Head, tail and legs are then attached, as are his fearsome tusks.

A cloth carpet is hung over his back, held in place by a brown chest that will serve as the seat for the elephant driver.

The beast pulls a small carriage, based around a brown plate.

Not a really hard or intriguing build if you build Castle and the likes before, as it follows the same build pattern of those sets.

This is then slung behind the elephant itself.

The second build in the set is a car for the villain to drive, chasing the caravan.  This begins on 2 black plates, and the central part is one of the large grey "seat" elements.

A big bomb is placed in the back of the car, as the driver doesn`t have good intentions at all!

The windscreen is then placed at the front of the vehicle.

Adding wheels and the banner, the car is ready and rather good looking.

The full set completed:

And a few left over parts:

This was a fantastic line, and this particular set was a must have back then to get your elephants.  Especially if you see what they charge now for the beasties!

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