zondag 23 april 2017

Cancelling projects... that happens if you change hobbies

In the first of a few posts I`ll be doing today, I`m talking about the "end of the line" of my LEGO hobby, though I won`t go in the specifics of what exactly triggered it.

That wouldn`t be very gentlemanly after all, and no need to start a Flame War over it.

While the relevant people know the reasons, let`s just say that I got so disgusted by the things that happened, that I`m actually drawing a line under all of it.  I will keep my Tolkien sets and moc`s that I build for the Middle Earth thing I wanted to do, but that is about all of it, together with some selected sets on display (the Pearl, R2... those kinds of things).

But I won`t be building anything apart from the material I need for demo'ing at a wargame show later this year, in the form of terrain and "forces" needed for that, and a single MOC I`m still working on and will guard, the American Civil War build of Fredericksburg.

I`m tearing down all the other mocs and builds I have done, and have been working on, lately, and as such they have moved to "cancelled" status on the side bar of this little corner of the internet.  I`ll also be liquidating large parts of my bricks in order to start funding any possible future wargame projects, though for now I still have plenty of figures to work with.

That, and sorting, listing, and whatever about 200 kilo`s of LEGO elements isn`t a quick job, and then I still have to go through tubs of minifigures and moving boxes full of sealed sets...

Over the coming weeks, I`ll be working away the back log of LEGO related articles I still had in the pipeline, with a trainload of build reports (I had material to halfway 2019), as well as a huge amount of Inspirational articles (about the same amount).  I`ll also be uploading a few MOC`s that have been finished in the past weeks, like my easter egg for the not attended Brick Mania Wetteren, and a big Harry Potter build I just needed to make pictures off.

But for the rest, the line has been drawn as I lost the love for the plastic brick.

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