zaterdag 15 april 2017

Exit "Bricky Wish List" page

A small change has been made to this little corner of the internet today, as I was tinkering around a bit with the pages.

And with a focus shifting, so does the page...

As I'm only planning on buying the occassional LEGO set in the future (mainly the Dimensions ones for the game) and don`t have big plans on building except for my ACW display and scenery for Brick Wars, I decided to remove the Bricky Wish List page... as I don`t have a real wishlist at the moment.

Instead, I replaced it with a (virgin blanc at the moment) page which will help me keep track of my painted figures in the near and further future hopefully, mainly to motivate myself when those big blocks of infantry are coming round to be painted.

I also thought it would look fun to have a sort of overview of the status of my forces, and how they slowly and steadily will be expanding again into massive battleworthy forces.

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