zondag 16 april 2017

Britain's Outlaws, Highwaymen, Pirates and Rogues

A three part documentary series made by BBC Four, this looks into the three historical "ages" of crime in Britain, before the law made it impossible for people to live fully outside the system.

In this series, we visit three different large "era's" where certain forms of crime was imminent, but also how some of them rose to cultural icons.

Presented by Dr Sam Willis, the series makes use of historical paintings and museum relics to show certain things of the years gone by, as well as making use of computer images and reenactors to create the atmosphere of the periods.

The first episode deals of the time right after the English Civil War, where many former soldiers found themselves out of work and some turned to crime in order to gain riches.

The second takes us to the high seas, as sailors set to piracy, a lifestyle which was actually more democratic then the actual navy life, but not less dangerous for that matter.

The final episode deals with frauds and robbers in the United Kingdom, of corrupted lawmen running robbergangs and the likes.

It is a very lovely series to watch, and you definitly pick up a thing or two from the series!

Heck, you will even find out what happened to Harry Potter ;-)

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