dinsdag 11 april 2017

Opinion: What's the deal for the blog?

Roight, time to put down some changes I'll be having, in both my private hobby time / budget / blog.

Now, as those who follow my blog might have noticed over the past two weeks, I've been pondering about picking up wargaming again, and of course, some speculation was already running like wildfire with my LUG friends.

Let me state clearly here first: I will not quit LEGO.  The hobby, being it trying to build things, sorting out pieces and whatever give me a certain peace of mind.  But I am quitting all things "deadline" and "obligation".

The incident that occured in France really made up my mind, and I`ll be refocussing most of my free time and budget into my old hobby again, and after a 5 year hiatus I'm signing up with the Tin Soldiers again, for part of two of my long career in the hobby.  Even though my brush skills are pretty rusty, I don't have any flocking materials left, and I have to take a good look at which possible "uniform colours" I should aquire, as well as inks.

Luckily, I still have some big piles of models, both sealed and in a severe state of reparational needs...

But this shift in focus does have consequences for this little blogpgae.  You see, series like both Inspirational as well as Build Reports have weekly material standing ready well into 2019 (not kidding, hello immense backlog).  Now, knowing myself, if I pull my attention span away from something, I tend to sizzle out fast, or at least put it on a backburner.  For the love of god, I wouldn`t be remembering details then for the reports for example, nor would I respect any deadlines, so I`m moving them all up in timeframe.

As such, expect to see build reports sooner, and at a greater ratio then just once a week, in order to work away as much as possible as swiftly as possible.  The same will be happening for the Inspirational episodes.

On the other hand, as I`ll be planning and working on some more historically aimed builds instead of the Middle Earth ones (including painted torsos and the likes), that series is going on "temporarily hold".  Now, contrary to about every other moc or build, the Tolkien ones aren`t broken down but proudly remain in my cabinets, and some work will occassionally be done on them and blogged.  Same goes for the Harry Potter ones, but those are anexed by the GF anyways...

But the main issue is going to be conventions. A lot of the builds will not be allowed to be exposed at Brick Mania events, as they go in against the club rules of violence.  The Irish Brigade mowed down at Fredericksburg, Little Round Top, Custer's Last Stand... just some projects in the works and they have both "violence" as well as large amounts of custom prints and parts.  Yet when you see some layouts or displays...

What concerns "geeky cons" that will really depend on the calendar.  While I wouldn`t been able to attend many anyways this year, I still need to fill in the wargame events on the calendar, and in case of overlap, LEGO bites the dust.  Blame a hamburger stand...

So yes, the blog will be moving away a bit from the pure LEGO hobby, and the wargaming posts will start to return.  And to kick it off, that will be with a "visit to the clubhouse" to show what has changed after 5 years and how it looks now.  They have been doing a lot of work to make it all nicer and sleeker (I kept following their website, it never quit left me) and what games are being played there now.

And in the meantime... the Union army will be raised again, one model at a time ;-)

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  1. It was a truly epic gaming rant that got me to follow the blog.I like the lego but I'm a gamer so the changes are good for me.

  2. Yeah, I can go pretty ranty if something boils over ;-)

    But I swear, i won`t be painting eyes anymore on 6mm figs in the future :-D :-D :-D

    1. You'll be painting eyes on 6mm figures before you knoe it (or at least trying to). Rants are more fun, who wants to read about what shade of blue a uniform is or what the dice rolling mechanism is. The shade you use will always be wrong (in someones opinion) and the dice are always against you (fact).