zondag 23 april 2017

Starting projects... that happens if you change hobbies

After the first post earlier today of this two part opinion piece, in which I talked of the cancellation of my LEGO builds, it`s time to look to the future and make plans.

My advisor proved very helpful in this...

And that future is to repair, repaint and refield my wargame armies, with the occassional expansion left or right.

The past few days I have spend rummaging through various boxes and inventorising what armies are "more or less" salvagable, as well as 5 year or longer old projects that never will come to pass, and as such will be going straight to the lovely thing called the "bits box" (ancient 28mm Chinese chariots, I don`t even remember where I got those, let alone for what).

Now, I don`t want to put pressure on myself, and the main goal is to have my full Union corps "back on it`s feet" by the end of the 2018, as that are a LOT of figures that need to be (re)painted.  I consider them as such my main project and the true incentive to get back to the old hobby. 

But they aren`t going to be the only things I`ll be patching up.  On a historical note, there are three smaller projects from a bygone age that I will be doing.  Things I *might* get around to playing with, but that I will definitly aim to paint with pleasure.

The first of these is my small Baccus 6mm AWI british.  I always loved those little strips of figures and they just look cool when painted, while taking on a minimum of shelfspace.

The second "little scale" is a New Model Army small force in scale 10mm.  It`s a conflict I always liked and as with the 6mm all the models I gathered years ago are still unpainted in zip lock bags.

Both these forces will be in my selection for / if I can join the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge, something I have been reading about during my holiday in France and looks like a great, if intense, motivation to get some things done.

Another historical project that I`ll be doing is patching up some of my 28mm Dark Age Irish, some hauling back of being in my possession for almost 15 years, from my early days of joining TSA.

On another level, I have been salvaging through the remnants of my Fantasy armies, as I told about earlier this week.  After catching up on all the fluff of the End Times, the rules and backdrop of the new Age of Sigmar, looking through possible forces and what I "have" and with if needed the points values from the General`s Handbook, I settled on making a small themed 1000 points force. 
This will be one of the Druchii forces, or Dark Elves of old.  More specific, I`m going for a small Daughters of Khaine list.  The leather clad chicks are cool of course, there is the whole Cult of Lust thing in their (retconned) background, and I would need a total of only 46 models patched up and painted.
I aim to be able to field that force around july this year.

On another note, there are of course these guys...

Legion of Azorgh has been warscrolled, though no points are given, but I don`t care.  I always have been a Hashut follower, I sport his symbol as a tattoo after all.  In the "good old days" I could field about 10k of the guys, and I will be repairing and repainting each and every one of them, wether they are Games Workshop, Forge World or other models I obtained over those years, until the true might of Hashut stands proud again!
I don`t have a deadline for this, as it is more a labour of fanlove then one of need to get to the table asap...

Small things will include the odd skirmish game.  I have taken up the "challenge" by my Nemesis, and backed the Kickstarter for Tombstone, a Wild West skirmish game by Black Scorpion.  The faction I`ll choose?  Why, the 7th Army of course...

And there we have it, the plans are laid down, the figures are slowly being repaired, and I will be doing an "around the last day of the month" post of any painting progress... which in the first two three months won`t be THAT spectacular at all.  Stripping, glueing, undercoating... you know the drill ;-)

Fire up the brushes!

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