woensdag 19 april 2017

Build Report: 8396 Soldier's Arsenal

Today's build report is a small boxed set from the 2009 Pirates II line, and one I bought rather a lot of to boost my Imperial force.

While at 12 parts and a minifigure, this would be a polybag nowadays, shortly under a decade ago they came in small little boxes.

Opening it we get the instructions leaflet and the bag of elements.

The minifigure is one of the "redcoats" as they are known in pirate midsts, with a goatee and hoisting a pistol.

The arsenal is actually a sort of shelf with weapons, and this begins on a 2x4 brown plate with two cones for supporting the level above.

Those levels are basically a 1x4 plate and some modified bricks with clips to hold the rest of the gear.

Topping this off with another 1x4 and a jumper, all we need to do is add the weapons and backpack, and the set is completed.

In this little box, you actually get some nice extra equipment pieces:

And the full set completed:

A cheap and effective army and gear builder set, this is one that can still be picked up cheaply on platforms as Brick Link, and definitly worth the few euros.

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