woensdag 12 april 2017

Black Sails season 4

And so one of the finest television shows of the past years has come full cycle.

Now, ever since they announced that this would be the last season, everyone a bit familiar with the setting and the story would know it would all be about "character clean up".

After all, this was the prequel series to Treasure Island, a book written in 1883 by Stevenson.  So we knew that both Long John Silver as Billy would walk away from the story and into the book.  And history already told us that Rogers in the end would become the great victor... But what would be the fate of Captain Flint, someone in the book who was a just a telltale figure, yet "came alive" in the series?

The season picks up where season 3 left off, as the Pirates and the Slaves band together and start the revolt over Nassau, managing to oust Woodes Rogers and claim the island.  But while Helena works from the inside, her husband enlists the aid of the Spanish and retakes the island with great force... but also at great cost.
In the meantime, Flint has stolen the treasure chest, and buried it on Skeleton Island, so the location of the novel finally makes an appearance in the final episodes, and it is stunningly similar to the "mind's eye picture" my 9 year old self had created.

It all leads to a final confrontation between the pirates and the british, over the spoils of the treasure chest, and the series ties up nicely all loose ends from the past seasons. 

I really loved the series, and I ain`t complaining that the gratuitious sex was toned down in the final season at all, strengthening the characters and the story more and more. 

And Blackbeard was awesome for all his run on the whole series!

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