donderdag 13 april 2017

Culinary Tip: Refill (Antwerpen)

Yesterday, the GF and I celebrated our anniversary with a dinner date in the Refill, located on the Kleine Koraalberg in Antwerp.

This new restaurant is run by Jo and Fred, two friends of ours who owned the Reload before this.

But now they are located in a historical building in the centre of Antwerp, while still keeping their excellent menu and great prizes!

The bottom floor of the building is the bar, which has a small menu for the snackers under us, and currently they have this to serve:

Now, the first floor is the restaurant, and the menu will change a little every two months.  This is to follow the seasons, while of course regulars like the Vol-au-Vent and steak will remain.

I had the camenbert as a starter and the "parelhoen" as the main course this time.

I did just settle for a Bailey's coffee (with fresh cream, not the spraycan stuff) instead of a dessert though, I`m still recuperating from France you see ;-)

So if you are in Antwerp and want some good, strong food, be sure to go to Refill, and give Jo and Fred my regards ;-)

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