zondag 30 april 2017

What I painted in April 2017

Half a month ago I decided to return to my little toy soldiers, and little under two weeks ago I actually started painting again.

So to keep track of things, and in a sort of "preparation" for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I`ve been reading a lot about in past weeks, I`m going to try and do a bit of a painting oversight every last day of the month.

Now, I didn`t do any "night long" sessions so far, just an odd bit of painting left and right so far, resulting in just a few figures done as I`m "getting the hang of it" again.

The first figure I finished was the Stormcast Eternal that came with an Age of Sigmar magazine.  Not that I really intend on playing these guys, they might at best become a small unit within the "Grand Alliance Order" forcem which initially will be focussing around Dark Elves.

The other figures I painted are both from my old Chaos Dwarf force.  With the Legion of Azorgh (without points though, so they won`t be usable at the moment in that sort of battles) warscrolls on the Forge World site, I can at least get the forces up a bit and see what I can recover for a Grand Alliance Chaos force or something, or just good old "oldhammer" as it`s called these days. 

Mind the shinyness on them, this was due to taking the picture under the lighting with the varnish just applied.

Currently I`m doing some work on Doomfire Warlocks, for my planned Daughters of Khaine in Age of Sigmar, but I expect my focus to be swiftly shifting towards historical figures, the first try outs going to be some civilians for FOW and relevant era`s. 

But for this month, the results are 3 infantry in 30mm "heroic" scale, which in the AHPC would yield me 15 points I believe.  I`m not going to set myself high goals when that comes around and I can get a spot, probably around the lower 500 - 750 points mark...

Now to try and get some units finished for the next month :-)

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