zaterdag 29 april 2017

Haul Report 79

Lots of variety in this weeks haul report, as it compromises of both things of the "former" hobby, but also the "new old" one, finished off with some books hehehe.

Now, I`m going to do this chronologically, as it is a lot of stuff from all over the place this time.

Last week

These actually where obtained last week friday, but as I had already closed the tally for episode 78, they carried over to this week.

The first one where some bricks I had ordered through Brick Link from my mate Matthieu.  He runs this lovely little shop, Panobricks, and had some intresting items.  Oh well, I`ll guess they`ll just go on the pile now though...

I also dropped by at the local Games Workshop that firday, and picked up a box of Doomrider Warlocks.  Being one of the "newer" units, I didn`t have them or suitable alternatives for the small 1000 point Daughters of Khaine force I`ll be building.


One of the paints that didn`t survive the 5 year hiatus, was my Coat D`arms Negro Brown.  I went to Verschooten to look for a good alternative in Vallejo's range, and also picked up some lighter browns for painting some leathers, and a blister pack of FIW Civilians, which will be perfect to serve as far forward as the ACW.


Yesterday was the big one, with one large shopping trip on the menu in order to find some needed hobby supplies to start doing some serious basing and all.  But first, I opened the mailbox and found a small box containing 5 Witch Elves of the "middle era", a small lot I snatched for next to no money on a local facebook group.

Starting my trip, I did pick up some more Lego at the local Kringwinkel, a nice big bag for 5 euro which will go into the trading pile. 

I also found this double book there, containing two classic stories.

At Boekenvoordeel, I picked up these two books for 5 each.

In a local DIY store, some bottles of glue where taken along, in order to start putting together all those plastic figures.

The final stop was a local crafts store, and here I actually found what I was out for, PVA glue to cover the bases.  I`m not going to flock my bases, but using those granules (very small pieces of stone) I`ll be painting and drybrushing them instead, something I was doing near the end of my first `career` in wargames, and which is cleaner in the transport boxes.

But heck, that`s just my idea, and not a law at all ;-)

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