maandag 17 april 2017

Review: White Dwarf April 2017

Okay, so this must have been the first White Dwarf I bought in like what, 7, 8 years?

I even learned in the meantime that it apparently went out of print for a while, and only recently was printed again... yes, I have skipped quite a few things...

Now, as I was in Antwerp center last friday with the GF as we had an appointment at the piercer, I walked by the Games Workshop and decided to go inside to have a look and pick up a magazine.  Thatw ay, I could do some reading and catching up on what all that Age of Sigmar thing is about as I`m restoring my old Fantasy battle armies.

The main theme of the issue is the newest faction for that game, the Kharadron Overlords.  now, fully armoured Dwarves with lots of guns and flying machines... I couldn`t help but thing that the Squats have made their return at last, but in another game system.

Now, the magazine still follows the traditional structure with the new releases, with a heap of fluff, paint guides, that sort of thing, as well as the traditional battle report... which I was pretty amazed about as they got totally wiped of the board.

On the sci-fi side of things, new rules for gangs in Shadow War and a battle report is featured, but 40k has never been my "thing" so I glanced over those sections actually.

There is a tale of 4 warlords though, in which 4 studio members have to start and build and army, and albeit 40k those are things I love to read (aaaah, the good old Tale of 4 Wargamers from 15 years ago... I still love that series).

Further features included rules for gaming in Lake Town in the The Hobbit game, Blanchitsu art and models, an episode of Blood Bowl's Spike! and of course the necessary publicity features.  And a need little duel playing cards driven game.

All in all, it was an enjoyable thing to read after so many years, and I`ll probably pick up some WD's in the future, albeit not every month. 

And at 8 euro, it doesn`t cost and arm and a leg anyways.

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