zaterdag 29 april 2017

Marvel Anime: X-Men

A 12 episode adaption of the X-men comics, this anime hailed from 2011 and follows the X-Men to Japan, where mutants are disappearing.

Set shortly after demise of Dark Phoenix / Jean Grey, the X-Men are set out to retrieve Hisako (Armor) who has been abducted by the U-men.

However, they discover there is more behind the mutant organ harvesters, as mutants pop up showing a "second mutation".  The team (Beast, Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine and Armor) sets out to investigate this further, and join with Emma Frost, who was a captive as well of the U-men.

They discover it's a plot by Masterming, who has abducted the omega level mutant son of professor X, Takeo, a result of a romance with a japanese scientist and whose existence wasn`t known by even Charles.

The anime is gorgeously drawn, and it has a nice intriguing storyline.  I like the way how the characters are portrayed, with all their flaws and weaknesses, and is a recommended watch if you are into the X-men!

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