maandag 17 april 2017

Inspirational Lego 118

Another episode of Inspirational today, as I`m keeping up to share all the eye catchers I`ve seen over the years.

And we start this episode with a Skryim inspired build.

I love how Isaac's shop has an open backside with some great detailing in it, as well as the stoneworks on the exterior.

Take a bit of RnR in this lovely spa!

This scene from Super Mario 3D looks like it came straight of your console screen!

A cactus in full bloom.  The use of the olive stems for needles gives the green a lovely contrast.

The Dawn space probe by NASA is looking in our galactic backyard.

A mighty dwarf runemaster stands at the ready in his full battle regalia.

Maybe he is planning on duelling this amazing oriental Fox Warrior?

Ightwarril Treehouse gives a lovely gloomy effect as an elven outpost in some foreboding dark forest.

The Chima wolf masks are greatly incorporated in this Lupo hideout.

Finally, this episode ends with it's last ride...

That`s it for this episode, until soon for the next instalment!

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