donderdag 13 april 2017

Review: ACW Gamer: The Ezine issue 14

Well, as I`m going back down the path of wargaming and leaving the bricky ones behind, that also means my "monthly magazine drug" is inadvertently changing.

Yes, I bought a White Dwarf instead of a Blocks today for the first time in ages, but that's not the target of this review...

I came across this magazine, which is a digital publishing, through the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, or HMGS for short, group on Facebook.

The magazine counts 32 pages including a little advertising, and costs 3.50 dollar for a single issue dollar, or you can take 4 issue backissue bundles for 12 dollars.  I didn`t take out one yet as I was going to have a look at what the magazine was all about, but I can already say I like it.  And at about 10 cents per page, that's okay with me.

After the Introduction, the Gaming News features details of the Battle of Valverde, ran by the North Atlanta Gamers.  Featuring pictures of both the game and the actual region.
Next we move to a really detailed review of the Pickett's Charge rules by Too Fat Lardies, giving a good insight in the rulebook, while being 'benchmarked' against the Blackpowder rules (hey, I still remember those!).
The main article of the magazine is the second part of the Battle of Corinth, including talk about convention games, playtesting and the actual scenario.
The final big article is one I already read... twice.  It is a painting guide for longcoats on Union forces, always a handy research thing.

My conclusion is that this is a nice little publication, and I will be getting new issues (they come as PDF's) every quarterly release.  The price isn`t a breaker for the deal, and it has a nice lay out, good articles, and is generally a few well spend dollars.

Issue 14 is now out, and you can get it from their website HERE.

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  1. Its a nice magazine produced by some good folks. He published a scenario or two of mine for the first edition of Sharp Practice a while back.

  2. It was a lovely personal discovery. Didn`t exist in my previous wargame stint, so I was glad I found this