zondag 16 april 2017

Haul Report 77

Another sunday, and another stack of goodies for the collection...

And it isn`t all about LEGO this time for sure.

Let`s start with a small thingie I brought back from France last week, in the form of a replica pistol.  I found this in la Couvertoirade, and as it was totally out of tourism season, it was at about half price of what you normal pay for these things.  I also got three rings there.

LEGO wise I received the flesh hands (the correct tone this time) to finish the Confederate regiment for my Fredericksburg build, which reminds me I`ll do a WiP on that one somewhere later this week.

I also had my anniversary with the girlfriend, and she got me a set with a sexy blonde in it ;-)

A small purchase I made over eBay was this dual box of the ACW classics Gods and Generals and Gettysburg.  That way, I actually have the latter one double, while I only have the digital version of the former.  And I can cover myself in the event of a computer crash...

The final purchase this week was the symbolic return to 20 years ago, as I bought my first White Dwarf together with an Age of Sigmar thingy for the first time in almost a decennia...

A varied week for sure!

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