zondag 23 april 2017

The Expanse season 2

If you love science fiction, this series based on the novels of James SA Corey are the best out there recently.

Numbering 13 episodes, the series has already been renewed for a third, coming early 2018 normally.

The second season focusses on the mysterious proto molecule, of which we learned more in the final episodes of s1, and how it has taken over the complete colony where Miller finally found Julie Mao. 
The team, with the aid of Fred Johnson, try to destroy the Eros colony, but it has developped seemingly intelligent life and steers clear of the torpedo strike and a huge ship send to crash into it, but Earth is saved by the sacrifice of Miller and it crashes on Venus instead.

On Ganymede in the meantime, a plot is discovered that the protomolecules are being used to make the "ultimate weapon" which leads to tensions and almost a war between Mars and Earth.  As Project Caliban is slowly revealed, the crew of the Rocinante set out to Ganymede to find the daughter of a scientist and destroy the protomolecule...

I love this series for the "hard" sci-fi it uses, no flashy spaceship dodging and weaving, bullet driven cannons intead of beam weapons, and the three faction politics.  When an unknown factor is brought in with the protomolecule, the balance shifts all over the place as lines are redrawn, and the crew of Rocinante being caught right in the middle.

Lovely series!

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