dinsdag 18 april 2017

Getting Started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar

I picked up this special magazine last week together with the White Dwarf I brabbled about yesterday.

Now, from the outlook, it looks like one of those DeAgostini magazines, where GW had a partnership with ages ago and came with a Lord of the Rings figure every time.

The magazine is centered around Age of Sigmar, and gives a few bits of background information (though I still got to read through the full story, this is a sort of an oversight memo), the necessary commercials for the (then) newgame, and things like a simple battle report, paining guides and the likes.

But it also features the new rules, whose core system is now only like 4 pages long (and downloadable from the GW site to boot) and as such shouldn`t take to much time to learn.  All the various warscrolls for all the units... that`s another matter...

It also came with a single figure, one of teh Stormcast Eternals (no idea who they are, they weren`t around back in the days but look like a Space Marine with a hammer).

First impression of the magazine was "okay", it seems the rules are playable and from what I learned through YouTube and the likes it now a sort of "easy basics, deep tactics" kind of thing, so we`ll see once we get to the point of actually playing...

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