woensdag 1 augustus 2018

Date A Live season 1 + OVA

A 12 episode series, and an additional special episode 13, that is what Noshi and me sat down for.

Aired back in 2013, Date A Live is a sort of action comedy harem series.



The world is ravaged by spacial quakes, created by spirits when they manifest on our planet.  One boy, Shido, has the power however to seal their powers and turn them bck to human.  To do this, he must date them in order to make them feel happy, then kiss them to seal their powers away inside him.
While the AST, with the unemotional Origami as their top soldier, tries to destroy, Shido and his team led by his sister Kotori try to save them instead by dating.

OVA: Date a Date

In a special 13th episode, Shiro is sent on a date with Origami to try and discourage her of thinking him her boyfriend.  To that end, he is even painted as a true hentai, with hilarious results.  Like, realy, "waf"...

What I liked about it

* The opening theme is a great song that sticks in your ears.
* The humour "filler" episodes, especcially episode 6 was bringing tears of laughter to my eyes.
* The OVA was equally hilarious

What I didn't like about it

* the 'main story line' of sealing spirits is at times pushed to the background.
* the actual fate of Mana

A really amusing series which was a fine watch, and be sure series 2 will be seen by us soonish...

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