zaterdag 28 september 2013

LEGO Batman 2 (VITA) - the 17th Platinum

Two platinums in just as many days... talk about flaring up for sure hehe.  And for the first time in the history of the Playstation Challenge, I actually have a lead over team AnRoDr in case of Platinums achieved, leading 17 to 16 now.

LEGO Batman 2 on the VITA is like a souped down version of the Playstation game, as you don't have the whole travel through Gotham part, instead just hopping from level to level.  On the other hand, there is one bloody annoying trophy which took me like, 4 months(!!!!!) to complete, being the final gold trophy (and that going into the platinum that way) for finishing all the 5 Justice League matches on Gold rating.

The trick there is, you need to battle through 8 waves and only can have yourself killed a maximum of 4 times per level, and your Red Bricks like extra life and immortality don't work, nor do you actually have a choice in which character you use.

It's not that this trophy is sickly insane, it's just extremely demotivating, and it is only due to two factors I finally managed to get the last three of the five required levels to gold:

1. I need space on the memory card of the VITA, and as this was a digital version, I can now free up it's Mbs for something else.

2. The GF who really supported me today, almost to the point I would have felt guilty NOT to get the platinum... Thanks honey, love you so much xxx

The game itself is the usual LEGO feature of inside jokes and oddjob solutions to some problems, but like I said before, I still think the PS3 Pirates of the Carribean is still the greatest LEGO game they released so far, and it was a heap funnier when the characters didn't talk, something they started doing since Lord of the Rings.  Bar for the Chima game, I kind of think it looses on the 'magic of the bricks'.

Now let's see what the Marvel games will be like next month, and in the meantime, let the hunt for the next platinum (which will probably by the GF rounding off Book of Spells, or me with Transformers Dark of the Moon) continue...

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