zondag 22 september 2013

Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 15

Hi, and welcome to another episode of the life of a collector, chaotic personality and budding World Dominator.  A week ruled over by being the victim of Internet Theft (as you could read a few days ago), but also by getting my hands on some very cool stuffsies for the collection.

Nothing to do about the crime though, one claim has already been resolved, the second is still under investigation by the Paypal inspectors, but I have a rather good eye in it that this will turn out OK in the end, bar a dent in my self confidence for my PC protections, and a broken trust for lending out the PC ;-)

What Have I Been Tapping?

Nothing Magic again, for the x-th week running.  This has to do mainly to the combination of no motivation (the two travelwise most intresting GPs for me in 2014, Paris and Utrecht, fall on a very unopportune moment) to battle for the Plainswalker Points, and a lack of actual free time as I'm still adapting my agenda and social life to the new living rhytm.

A social agenda that starts to get fuller and fuller, with 2 marriages, half a dozen people comming to visit, and the Smurf's birthday.  At least he got Disney Infinity for the PS3, so that'll be some extra trophies hopefully.

On the other hand, I did find out this week there is another, older Saint Seiya cardgame, one that apparently even has some local tournaments in the southern regions of Belgium, France and Italy.  So they might be around to trade some cards...

The game was published by Amada around 2004, and I'm still researching details, but I guess I'll be focussing a bit on those and try to exchange Magic cards from it.

What Have I Been Collecting?

Some very cool Saint Seiya stuff arrived this week, starting of with this keychain and cellphone charms, found on ebay for only 5 USD, and he put in an extra charm as the auction was only for one keychain and one charm.  Hyoga is already adorning my schoolbag at the moment ;-)

The second thing I found, was the old PS2 game The Sanctuary, so now I have the series complete, and those games of the PS2 will see a lot of action soon, but more of that in a few moments.

But the top find was this:

The classic 5" action figures of the american licensed models, the models are solid cast, so no removable armour pieces, and comes with two parts of the golden cloth they stole during the Galaxian War tournament.  Collecting all five of the black saints allows you to build the gold cloth, and the model doesn't even look to bad either.

But the real treasure was this thing included with the model:

Some of the models and DVDs from the US version back then, had a promo card for the english edition of the game, and those are the most difficult cards to find.  Recently though, I had gotten my hands on a list stating which card was included in which set, so now I'm out there hunting for those specifically.

What Have I Been Gaming?

Again not much this week, a bit of the Walking Dead on the VITA, in order when series 2 comes out, the GF can do the PS version and I myself the VITA one, but bar that, well, nothing.  At least I managed to get, compared to the GF, a third survivor to join me in the end of 400 Days, as Russell teamed up as well together with Bonnie and Wayne.

Before Andy starts dreaming of snatching away the victory on the last moment though, I have talked this over with the GF (like the 'why' I'm not playing a lot recently, I think she almost feared I was having a Burn Out or so...) and I can assure him... he won't make it ;-)

I've decided that, taking in to account September will probably be 'his', I'm going to flare up one last big time in the Challenge during October, as I figured out I have about 17 chances for actual game marathons, so if I can put in 8 or 9 that should be good for about 7500 points like past June.

The 'plan' is just to put in every hard copy game I have into the system, play them a few hours, and rake in the all the remaining easy trophies on mainly Bronze and Silver levels.  I hope I also get the GF motivated again to go through the gaming paces one last time, transforming her like past summer once more in my ideal view partner in this endeavour.

Come november, and by then the imminent release of the PS4, I can then try and sell of those hard copies, only focussing to play the game I actually enjoy, even though trophy count on those will be more limited, then being either on the PS2 (both Saint Seiyas) or mainly in Japanese (3 out of the 4 Gundam games I'm still trying to finish with Unicorn, Extreme VS, SEED Destiny and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2), topped off in december by what I now know already will be a Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers month only for the most part.

So Andy, I know you are reading this, you might have hopes, but the storm is comming...

That is it again for this week, and I actually hope it will be for once a calm one, I got to do a presentation for school about Haiku OS tomorrow, and a test on wednesday, so I don't expect to have to many spectacular things out to happen the comming week.  After the event of past week, I prefer to never say never, but hopes are hig.

Also, can I all invite you to have a look at 'The Vault' tab on top of this blog, it might be that you find some cool stuff there you'd might to add to your own collection, and I hope I can add some entertainment the comming week as the Countdown of my idea on the coolest Saints will run it's second week and go down in the top-5.

Ciao Ciao and see y'all next week!

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  1. It is not because Team AnRoDr has been reduced to me, my playtime is limited and I have a gigantic amount of pint to catch up that i'm going to go down without a fight .... just no kicking whem I'm down please :-)

  2. points that is not pint .... although those pints will come from my wallet come december ;-)