dinsdag 24 september 2013

The Saint Countdown: #4 Unicorn Jabu

Let's face it, when you start watching (the original) Saint Seiya and it's first episodes, you'd come to expect that the haughty, crowd favorite of the Galaxian Tournament Jabu would become one of the main antagonists.  Until he met Andromeda Shun and was knocked from corner to corner right before Ikki appeared.

One of the original 100 orphans, Jabu always had a serious affection for Saori Kido.  Even as a child, he jumped to her greatest whims, like playing pony for her to ride on.

After the tournament, Jabu travelled back to his training place to try and become a stronger Saint, and we see him and the other 'other' bronze saints back when they take over guarding the fallen Athena at the feet of Sanctuary's steps.  He wanted to go after Seoya and his companions, but in the end decided to stay and guard his godess.

During the Hades Arc, Jabu had become one of the guardians of Sanctuary, and discovered the open graves of the fallen Gold Saints, and intervened together with his companions when Seika, Seiya's long lost sister, was attacked, protecting her by combining all their cosmo's together.

During the very controversial Heaven Ouverture, he had apparently abandoned Athena for Artemis with the sole purpose of getting back at Seiya, but by the time he found Lionet Soma in Omega, he was once again a loyal saint of Athena.

Personally, I still find it a pity he didn't became a main player in the series, something compensated a little in The Lost Canvas arc.  Here, the Pegasus of the 18th century, Tenma, has the Unicorn Saint of that era, Yato, as his most loyal companion.

Jabu has been released as a Myth cloth, and it is one of the better models from the older series, and one of the earliest ones I had enrolled in my collection.

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