zondag 29 september 2013

Wonderbook: Book of Spells - the 18th Platinum

I guess this is what one calls a pure hatrick, 3 Platinum trophies in 3 days.  Talk about that 'flaring up' and now really putting the pressure on Team AnRoDr if they want to still win this thing.

Now, this is how the plan goes for these sort of 'kiddy' games.  The Munchkin gets them, starts to play them, and when he no longer touches them for months on end (last time he played this particular one, was the beginning of july), the 'clean-up crew' aka moi moves in to see if we can round it out.

Hence to say, this game is about 80% property of the little guy, but with the sequel up and comming, and the rumours that like with The Walking Dead it is 'advisable' that you have finished the first game, I used this free afternoon to step in and clean it up swiftly, it was after all only about 'an hours work' for an experienced gamer / no-lifer like me.

Now, the technology with the whole Move setting is quit marvelous, but the downside is that when you're not capable of sitting still for hours on end, you'll be calibrating an awful lot, something bound to happen with young kids making their magic wand movements a bit to, erm, enthousiastic.

But in the end, it was enjoyable to see the little guy enjoy it, and once it ran it's course, I must say it was all a bit to simplistic for an adult (wave left, wave right, *poink, trophy*) so now I'm curious how he is going to react to the second one once it appears (prolly somewhere around the next school holiday if the websites are anything to go by).

For me, it's time to get those Autobots and Decepticons on the move again, next platinum goal: Transformers, Dark of the Moon (though I doubt it will be a 4 plats on 4 days perforcmance, but I'll try my best).

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