woensdag 18 september 2013

The Saint Countdown: # 8 Sho of Toucan

This might prove to be a very unexpected entry in the list, as many wouldn't even think about including Sho or any of the other two Steel Saints in their top 10 lists.

The original Steel Saints, on the contrary to the 'army' of them founded to help Athena's Saints, had very different armours, and they even had an object mode.  In the case of Sho, his cloth, based upon the element of air, was able to change into a small glider plane which he would use to fly into the battle.

The Steel Saints where an 'anime only' creation, and first appeared in the fight against the Silver saint Babel.  They also dropped into the fight against Perseus Algol, and very briefly did Sho come into the fight against the Tarantula saint.

But he had such a cool armour.  Created by the Grade Foundation, the Steel Saints had armors build by complex mechanics instead of being powered by the Cosmo like normal Saints.  They appeared to have been on a level comparable to a 'normal' Bronze saint (and as such, a heck of a lot stronger then the current Omega ones), and while the other two had a combination attack, Sho did not (though this is added in the PS2 game Saint Seiya the Hades, not really canon but heck, it's fun).

When the bronze saints leave for Greece, the Steel Saints stay behind to monitor and protect the works of the Grade Foundation, which apparently has led to a perfection and mass production of the armours in roughly 25 years when Omega season 2 hit the screen.

Though not officially based on a constelation as they are not Saints of Athena, Sho's armour is in object mode a bird with a large beak, and has been commonly identified with the constellation Toucan.

Sho was released as a well made Myth cloth a few years ago by Tamashii, but he costs a fortune nowadays IF you can find him, just like his two companions.  I was glad I immediatly had jumped on the orderwagon.

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